Deniro Women's 39 (8.5-9) Adriano Paddock Boot, Black

Deniro Women's 39 (8.5-9) Adriano Paddock Boot, Black

$299.99  $335.99


In excellent like new condition. Look like they were worn inside once.

Short boots in grain calfskin WRAT leather, Black colour, front zipper, elastic side, upper zip guard, DS technology Vibram sole.

SINCE 1981, world class boots
DeNiroBootCo is synonymus with quality, attention to details, innovation, style and research in the equestrian field.
A great sensibility to catch the changes in this field and a vocation for innovation and research are the main characteristics which has led DeNiroBootCo to establish its own leadership all over the equestrian world.
Our boots are produced in our factory of Casarano, near Lecce, in the South of Italy, where they are handcrafted by skilled artisans and subject to a rigorous quality control process.

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