Tony Lama TLX Women's 8.5D (Men's 7D) Sunset Renegade with Saddle Vamp Boot, Purple Vegas

Tony Lama TLX Women's 8.5D (Men's 7D) Sunset Renegade with Saddle Vamp

$89.99  $196.00


In great condition with minor scuffing and wrinkling on the toes. Leather is soft, stitching intact with lots of wear left in the tread. 

Size: Men's Boot in size 7D, Fit's a Women's 8.5D 

Style # TL-XT5001

Sunset Renegade leather protects and feels great. Saddle Vamp and strong heel counter lets you work in your spurs with confidence.

Tony Lama Men's TLX Performance Boots

Unconventional style, unbridled performance and enough untamed attitude to take you anywhere you want to go. TLX boots from Tony Lama are taking the West in a whole new direction! This boot has a less bulky feel underfoot. 

Tony Lama men's TLX Western workboots are as easy on your feet as they are on your environment. Protection and comfort in the stirrup, and on the ground. Stirrup friendly performance rubber outsoles are durable, flexible and oil-resistant. 

This up to date, handcrafted boot is built for performance as well as made with comfort. Over the past ten years, a lot of research has been done on footwear. Everybody from NASA to tire manufacturers has contributed. Universities and manufacturers have made performance studies. This has resulted in mens boots that can take what you have to dish out. Wear them proudly, and know that a lot of people have gone before you to make your feet feel their best, and best protected.

What does this mean to you?   It means you will be more surefooted jumping off a horse running at 30 mph onto the horns of your steer. It means room to let you tape those ankles so you won't easily twist, pull of misconstrue yer ligaments quite so easily.  It means you might not slip off the bumper of your truck quite so easily while you are trying to lean over to add oil this winter. It means you might not fall into that hay-baler when you stop to re thread, causa slippin on the grass so badly. Who knows, what a Tony Lama TLX Performance boot might really mean to you! 

Tony Lama boots have used their same lasting systems for a hundred years. If you have worn TL boots before, get your usual sizing. If not, call Cultured Cowboy and we'll walk you through the sizing process, but generally, go 1/2 size smaller than most dress shoe sizes.

Your Tony Lama boot should feel like a comfortable handshake on the front of your foot. Boots slip on your heels. They are designed to! They will not rub blisters as they do, because they are designed with a heel counter that allows slippage. The slipping pumps air around your feet for more comfort. The top, including the instep area will keep the ladies boot on your foot while you run around town. (I know Momma told you never to get a shoe that slipped. That's because in a shoe, the top of the heel must cup your cuneiform bone. Western boots, with their special design developed over centuries, are made more forgiving & more comfy than department store shoes!)

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