Street & Saddle Women's Small Short Sleeve ShowStopper, Navy Chambray

Street & Saddle Women's Small Short Sleeve ShowStopper, Navy Chambray

$125.99  $155.00


In excellent condition with some very subtle fabric fading on top of right shoulder along seam from sun exposure. You barely notice it but save money because of it!

Sizing:  Fits up to a 34-37" Bust and 27-29" Waist

Fit: Super flexible fit - essentially, order the same size as what you would wear in a t-shirt. Fits broad shoulders and large busts very well. 

Why you'll love it

Sleek, understated lines were carefully designed for form and function. 

Specifically styled to look great in the saddle, at the office, and everywhere in between.

It feels like a T-shirt. No joke. 


Our signature No-Roll cuff looks like a regular shirt cuff, but a hidden elastic panel allows it to be pulled up the arm, where it will stay put all day. 

Magnetic collar closure for a clean look and convenience.

Raglan sleeve design for freedom of movement and eye-catching silhouette. 

Covered placket and funnel neck 

Lined front panel for a smooth fit

Bamboo stretch fabric is wicking, breathable and naturally odour-repellent.


97% bamboo rayon, 3% spandex knit for sides and sleeves

Crisp 100% woven cotton middle panel/collar

Rare Earth magnetic closure

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