Devoucoux Large Five Point Kolibri Jumping Breastplate, Brown

Devoucoux Large Five Point Kolibri Jumping Breastplate, Brown

$129.99  $390.00


In great condition with light wear and some dirt. Leather is soft and well cared for. 

Sizing: Size Large, Reccomended for horses 16.3 Hands and above

Elegant variant of the Kolibri specially designed for showjumping. Combines the action of a breast collar and a breastplate. Five fastening points to ensure maximum stability and immobility without hindering the horse’s shoulders. Removable running martingale attachment.

How to Fit a Breastplate
A breastplate helps prevent a saddle from slipping backward. It must be fitted correctly to provide a secure fit without restricting the horse's breathing or interfering with the horse's natural jumping movements.

When fitting a breastplate, you should be able to:

  • Pull the breastplate up over the neck to see 3" of clearance.
  • Fit your fist between the chest and the center ring of the yoke, so it does not press against the windpipe and does not interfere with the horse's shoulder movements.
  • Place a fist in the space between the wither straps and withers.
  • Have some slack in the breast strap running between the front legs to connect to the girth.
  • If the breastplate is too tight, the front of the saddle gets pulled down, digging into the shoulders and restricting comfort and movement.

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