Animo Women's 40 (US 2/4) Show Shirt, Navy

Animo Women's 40 (US 2/4) Show Shirt, Navy

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In excellent condition with minor wear.

Sizing: Italy 40 which translates to a Women's US 2/4 or Small

Navy with white contrast details and signature Animo rhinestone logo.

 Animo is considered to be one of the finest manufacturers of equestrian clothing in the World The extraordinary elasticity of the fabrics leave the body free for any movements, and their special composition ensures a constant body temperature and therefore a protection from cold and heat.

Added silver in the fabrics releases a large number of ions capable of inhibiting bacterial grower with extreme efficiency, main cause of bad odors. Body moisture and perspiration are transferred to the outside, giving a pleasant feeling of dry and psycho-physic well-being. The UV rays are rejected, increasing the sense of skin freshness. The lightweight, the touch softness and the fabric maintenance, which largely even do not need to be ironed, complete the high performance of this clothing, which represents a modern variation in the classic style, to enjoy sport and leisure time wearing comfortable and elegant as well as technical garments.

Animo is an exclusive Italian product, which can be recognized not only for the advanced technology, but also for the lively and colorful collections, expression of the typical MADE IN ITALY charm.

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