Consigning FAQ



  • You order a free clean out bag here: Order a Free Kit
  • It will arrive in an envelope and will have a pre-paid return label on it
  • The envelope will also include a card with more details and instructions to keep you on track
  • Stuff the bag with CLEAN AND POLISHED qualifying items.
  • Drop it off at the Post Office
  • We will send you an email as soon as we get it - typically within 10-12 days.


The only items we absolutely cannot accept are helmets, safety vests, stirrup leathers, studs and girths, due to the potential safety concerns in passing them along to a new owner. We are also working on a plan for blankets and saddles, as those are large items that have specific shipping challenges. However, we are open to trying to sell other items as we grow our selection and customer base. We want to help and can always do our best to sell it. In doubt? Just ask!



Your commissions will depend on the Net Selling Price of your item as defined in the Consignor Terms based on this chart:

Net Selling Price

% Commission

$100 and above






$19.99 and under



What if I send in items that are dirty?

If you send in an item that needs to get cleaned, we have to take the time and energy to clean it up for the next owner. That's a pain and time taken away from photographing and putting new items on the site. So we charge a minimum $14.99 fee for each item that you send in if it's not clean or polished. 

I sent my item in and I don't see it on the site. What's going on?

We have had an overwhelming response to our service! We are also a very small team working as hard as we can to send out bags and process incoming items. Each bag has between 5-40 items that have to be tagged, photographed, researched for pricing and put on the site. We do everything chronologically so when we get in 10-20 bags a week it takes us 2-4 weeks to get through everything. Don't worry! We have your items and are taking great care of them to get them up as quickly as we can on the site.


After a ton of research on the easiest and safest way to pay you right now, we have decided to send email payments via Square Cash.

Why Did You Choose Square Cash to Pay Customers?

  • Sending checks is a security risk (they get stolen and lost!) and requires you to make a trip to the bank. 
  • We really liked the ease and simplicity of the Square experience as well as the fact that you could accept money with no fees and without having to sign up for a new service

How Do I Accept Payment?

  • Open the email that will say "Used Horse Stuff sent you $(amount we send) for your sold consignment item(s)"
  • Click the green "Accept Cash" button
  • Choose "Personal" when asked "What is your primary use for Cash?" so you are not charged a fee
  • Put in your debit card number, expiration, CVV and Zip Code associated with your account and accept the Cash!

When will I get paid?

When we sell one of your items a few things happen:

    • We send the item out to the customer who receives it in 1-3 business days
    • The customer than has 7 days to decide if they are going to return it.
    • If they do not return it, we record the sale under your customer profile and put you on the payment list for our next payment cycle.
    • We will pay out once per month, usually within 10 business days before or after the end of the month.
    • Depending on when we put you on the payment list, it may be up to 30 days to receive payment.
    • If we sell your item during a specific month please expect payment within 10 business days before or after the end of the following month. This allows us to have a return policy and to properly organize payments.

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