About Us

Used Horse Stuff was created to make it more affordable to ride and own a horse.

We understand that lessons, vet bills, farriers, board and shows are incredibly taxing on the budget. We want to create an option to easily earn money from items you no longer need and a nationally sourced consignment store to find high quality items at a discounted price. No more closets and barns stuffed with hundreds or thousands of dollars of "stuff." No more going to your local tack store or online to buy a $120 show shirt or a $300 pair of boots. Let's all help each other to manage the costs for this expensive sport! 

Our Founder, Francesca is a lifelong equestrian and passionate about helping horses and the people who love them. She envisioned this experience to build a community of folks who can sell, buy and donate items through the ecosystem of riders to democratize the cost of riding equipment.

She also believes there are so many fantastic programs that can benefit from donating 5% of our commission from each sale and has made the commitment to include this program as part of our core business from the start.