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NWT Harmany Grazing Muzzle, Horse Size

NWT Harmany Grazing Muzzle, Horse Size

$74.99  $94.99


NWT = New with Tags 

Attaches to your horse’s breakaway halter.

Does your horse hate to wear his grazing muzzle? Do you hate to put it on? Here is a revolutionary grazing muzzle designed to make your life easier.

Horses are happiest grazing on lush, green grass, but for some horses, like those suffering from insulin resistance or cushings, unrestricted grazing can spell disaster.

While conventional grazing muzzles offer temporary solutions, they’re wrought with their own problems–too big, too small, too hot, or too restrictive.

Harmany Muzzles are ergonomically designed, molded to your horse’s head shape. Not only is this more comfortable for your horse, but it provides 25-50 percent more breathing room than traditional muzzles. No more discomfort means hours upon hours of healthy grazing!

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